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10th Anniversary Ale
This pale is highlighted by the spicy hop character of German Tettnang and the piney citrus notes of American Cascade. Light in body with a dry finish 5.3 % ABV

11th Anniversary Lager
A new twist on an old classic, we started with the basis of a nice German-style lager but then went all Pacific Northwest on it using assertive American hops like Cascade, Chinook and Columbus. Light bodied, golden in color with a clean malty backbone and infused with a touch of hop goodness.   Neo-American Lager 5.0% ABV

12th Anniversary

A dozen years and going strong! Our 12th Anniversary beer is our take on a classic Vienna lager. Light amber in color with a clean crisp character. Low bitterness and a toasted malt character highlight this easy drinker 4.8% ABV

13th Anniversary

Commemorating 13 years as brewpub, this lager is inspired by the Gernan-style Schwartzbier (black lager). Our take is malty with chocolate and roasted notes. Prost to everyone for making this possible! 5.0% ABV

14th Anniversary

CCelebrating fourteen years of brewing! This beer is a mashup of a classic Munich helles, American hops, and a diverse grist bill that includes barley, spelt, rye, maize, toasted rice, oats, and oak smoked wheat. Golden in color, easy drinking with a subtle piney citrus and mellow malt character. 5.0% ABV

97 Pound Weakling

This Charles Atlas approved American wheat wine will turn the meek into the mighty. Its orange color, light malt body, zesty hops and warmth, will have you flexing your beer muscles. Aged over 3 months this small limited batch is not available in growlers but will be available in 750ml bottles 10.7% ABV

A Currant Affair

An American fruit beer made with Black Currants. Red in color with a pinkish head, fruity, slightly sweet witha  tart finish. 4.5% ABV

A Farewell To Farms

Our farm to mouth contribution to the world of sustainability is a session American pale ale. Virginia grown and malted barley courtesy of Copper Fox Malting paired with Cascade and Chinook hops from Black Locust Hops in Maryland. Local water and ale yeast reclaimed from previous Franklin’s beers 4.5% ABV

A Modest ProposALE

This Irish-style stout is black in color and satire. Notes of coffee from roasted barley and a light body make this beer swiftly sessionable. Slainte!  4.5% ABV                                    

A More Perfect Union

“If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government breweries, our country will stand in need of its experienced craftsmen to prevent its ruin.”-Some brewer patriot guy circa 1776
In 2012, the White House published their porter recipe and local homebrew club DC Homebrewers decided it was time to stand. This is their revision, this is their recipe, this is their revolution… 5.8% ABV

ALryeT, ALryeT, ALryeT

Say it in your best Matthew McConaughey impression. A German-style Kolsch with the addition of Rye malt for added spiciness. Golden and light bodied, but with more malt and hop charcter than our Blonde 5.2% ABV

Alto Lúpulo

Spanish for “High Hops”, this double I.P.A. is inspired by our own Sierra Madre Pale Ale.  Climbing from summit to peak with as much hops as one can carry. Taste the elevation! 8.0% ABV

Anacostia Ale
A Düsseldorf-style Altbier, “alt” is German for old, referring to the style of brewing predating lager brewing in Germany. Medium bodied with an upfront bitterness that leads to a toasted malt finish 5.0 % ABV


This robust higher gravity sweet stout delivers into the furthest inlets of your taste buds. It’s brewed in the tradition of foreign export stouts that were often shipped to tropical destinations like the Caribbean. Full bodied and hiding its warmth behind a layer of roasted and toasted malt sweetness, this stout is a vacation by the pint full 6.5% ABV

Apricoleon Bonatart

TA sour ale blended with Apricots. Aroma and flavor of apricots dusted with sugar followed by a tart finish.  7.0% ABV

Batch 500

This Belgian inspired amber strong ale is our thank you to everyone who’s made it possible to reach this milestone. Enjoy slowly this extremely unique ale with floral, vinous, complex sugar notes and a suggestion of oak 9.5% ABV

Batch 600

American strong ale rich in toasted malt and touched with fruit, sugar and warmth. Additions of cherry wood smoked malt, New Hampshire maple syrup and Belgian candi syrup give this unique beer a complex depth with each sip 8.5% ABV                                                      

Batch 700

Franklin’s 700th batch is an English strong ale rich in toasted malt and touched with fruit, oak and warmth. Aged for two months on a blend of port infused oak 7.25% ABV

Batch 800

FOur 800th batch brewed here at Franklins since we first fired the kettle back in 2002. A rich strong ale packed with toasted and caramel malts leave this beer with an impression of fresh baked bread. 7.0% ABV

Battle of Bladensburg

Our modern spin on British-style bitter with assertive American hops like Chinook, Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe. This “mini I.P.A.” makes a great beer for a session in the pub or in the yard 3.9% ABV

Belgeastie Boys

No Sip til’-Brookland… / Hop on the petal never brew with nettle / My thirst brewing hotter than a boiling kettle
My job’s ain’t a job it’s a damn good time / I’m an East Coast hop boy climbing the vine
While you’re at the job working nine to five / The Belgeastie Boys in the beer garden cold drinkin’ it live
“Double IPA”   8.0% ABV

Biscuit de Miel
Belgian-style pale ale made with Buckwheat Honey, notes of fresh baked biscuits and fruit with a slightly sweet finish 6.25% ABV

Bitter Markie

Have you ever met a beer that you tried to drink / But sip after sip it made you think/
I wonder who else has been drinking this beer / That you get so jealous you refuse to share/
So take this message with you to the end / Don’t ever drink a beer that says it just has a friend /

“Double IPA” 9.5 % ABV

Black Hop Down

Black. Hoppy. Easy to down. A rich black double I.P.A. hopped with Falconer’s Flight 7C’s and dry hopped with Simcoe 8.0% ABV


A sour brown ale made with a unique anaerobic souring technique that spanned three days. A rich sweet and sour beer that has complex notes of sweet malt, figs, dates, raisins and an underlying vinous character 7.3% ABV

Bombshell Blonde

Our lightest offering, this blonde ale is brewed with Pilsner malt and lightly hopped 4.5% ABV

Bourbon Sunrise

The marriages of stout aged in Heaven Hill whiskey barrels and blended with French roast coffee beans. Medium bodied stout with notes of roast, bourbon, oak, vanilla and mild acidity 7.0% ABV                                                         

Brewmaster Flash and the Furious Five Hops
Don’t drink me cause I’m close to the edge / I’m trying not to lose my head /
It’s like a hop jungle sometimes it makes me wonder / How I keep from going under “Double IPA” 8.0% ABV

Broken Gnome
The Gnome sat in peace / Till the evil queen lashed out / Broken and no more “Belgian-style Amber Ale” 5.7% ABV


Join the Krewe of Franklins and raise a glass of this brown ale inspired by the Mardi Gras king cake. Parade not included. **Contains nuts and lactose 4.8% ABV               

Cherry Picker

An American-style sour cherry ale started with pilsner and wheat malts, then anaerobically soured for three days. Then nearly 200 pounds of Montmorency sour cherries were added during fermentation. Reddish hued beer with a rich sour cherry character balanced by its natural fruit sugars  6.8% ABV


EThis English strong ale is a tribute to the first giant Jack slayed. Cormoran was said to be 18 feet tall and have six digits on each of his hands and feet. While he was known to quickly devour whole cattle, we recommend you sip slowly and enjoy this beer’s rich malty character 7.6% ABV

Crimson Guard

EA French-style Biere de Garde (beer for keeping), amber color, toasty sweet malt body, with notes of caramel. Lagered six weeks for a cleaner finish and rounder flavor.  7.6% ABV

Cruel Summer

English pub ale served via our nitro tap for a creamy refreshing treat. Mild toasty malt and floral hops lead the way with a touch of fruit and sweetness 3.9% ABV

Dank U

This Belgian inspired dark ale celebrates the life of Belgian brewing pioneer Pierre Celis who passed away in April. Toast a pint and say Dank U 6.8% ABV 


Yeah, drink to the rhythm of this bitter rhyme / So you can get hoppy one more time/
To the pint and ya don’t stop / It’s that ol’ skool hip with that new skool hop/
Check the flavor of the brew-rhythm I wrote / And while I got a chance here, let me clear my throat

“Double IPA” 8.0% ABV

Don’t Believe the Hype

Bringing that classic Hip / Dropping that classic Hop / Cascade, Centennial, Chinook / Old school never stops/
Don’t believe the hype… (Double I.P.A.) 8.5% ABV

Dragon Queen

The Dragon Queen is our take on a Belgian Strong Golden. Don’t be fooled by its timid appearance, beneath the white head and golden body lays a strong, complex and warming beer. Try it, your innocence will soon fade and you will become one of her many minions 8.5 % ABV

Dubbel Vision

Our Belgian-style Dubbel is medium bodied, copper in color with a rich presence of toasted malt and subtle fruit.  7.0% ABV


Our darker version of an unfiltered Southern German-style wheat beer is also an amazing summer thirst quencher. The subtlety of roasted malt combines with notes of banana and clove 4.8% ABV

Eight Miles High

“Eight miles high and when you touch down, you’ll find that it’s stranger than known.” This Double I.P.A is made with Falconer’s Flight, a proprietary hop blend showcases citrus, pine and herbal hop notes 8.1% ABV

Fin Del Mundo

Translation “end of the world”, this dark lager is inspired by Mayan culture combining maize, cacao and regional spices. We plan on having this on tap till at least December 21st, after that, well who knows… 6.25% ABV

Irish Dry Stout

TIf you like your coffee black then you will enjoy this Irish-style dry stout. Black in color and light in mouth feel with notes of roasted barley, refreshingly bitter and dry. Slainte! 4.0% ABV

Golden Opportunity

A Belgian-style golden ale, light in body with aromas of fruit. It’s slightly sweet with a delicious finish 6.5% ABV

Guardian Angel

A French-style blonde Bière de Garde (beer for keeping), deep golden with a toasty sweet malt body and a dry finish. Lagered six weeks for a cleaner finish and rounder flavor 7.3% ABV

Hammer of the Gods

Inspired by the lagered porters of the Baltics this rich malty beer delivers subtle chocolate and roast character with a clean slightly sweet finish 7.0% ABV

Half Man

The first in our Game of Thrones trilogy of beers, the Half Man is our take on a Belgian Enkel (single ale). A session ale whose character is much more complex than its stature as its mild appearance does not equate to the sinisterly rich malt flavor that plots within 3.5 % ABV

Hatchet Job

Once the Cherry tree was cut down, it would be years until George found something useful to do with the wood. Dark and malty American ale aged on toasted cherry wood. Thanks to Greg Ouellette of Martha’s Exchange Restaurant & Brewing Co. in Nashua NH for his vision in helping bring this beer to your glass 6.1% ABV


This unfiltered Southern German-style wheat beer is an amazing summer thirst quencher. True Bavarian yeast leaves this beer slightly sweet, fruity and spicy with notes of banana as well as clove 5.0% ABV

Higher Ground
TAged two years in a red wine Bordeaux barrel with the addition of lactobacillus, pediococcus, and brettanomyces yeats. This barrel aged Belgian Tripel is complex with notes of fruit, spice, acidity, oak, and alocholic warmth. Bottled conditioned with a third fermentation in cork and cage style champagne bottles, it’s a great sipper to share at the table and will age nicely in your beer cellar. This limited edition batch yielded only 246 bottles, each one hand numbered. 10.0% ABV

Highland Hugh
This full bodied Scotch ale with rich caramel malt sweetness is named in honor of our departed friend Hugh Colston 8.5% ABV

Hop E. Soul

Beer glass beer glass on the bar / Tell me beer glass have I gone too far? / Could it be this watering hole/
Or is it just my Hop E. Soul / What I brew ain’t make believe / I brew it honest that’s no lie
But when it comes to being Hop E / It’s just me myself and rye “Double IPA” 8.0% ABV

Hop Madness

A Double I.P.A. loaded with juicy hop bitterness guaranteed not to bust your bracket. 8.5% ABV    

Hop Pu Not Included

A double I.P.A. made with 100% English pale malt and an aggressive combination of Chinook and Columbus hops in the kettle. Dry hopped with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, and Simcoe 9.2% ABV

The Hop Strikes Black
A long time ago in a brewery far, far away. . . . (Double Black I.P.A.) 8.0% ABV

Hop Zen
American Strong Ale. Deep Copper with a rich full bodied, toasted malt character and a touch of caramel overlaid by an aggressive assortment of hops 7.6% ABV


A double I.P.A. brewed with Neslon Sauvin hops from Nelson County, New Zealand. Nelson’s namesake was Admiral Horatio Nelson, a British officer who gave his life at the Battle of Trafalgar. Horatio would have “eyed” and set “his hand” around a pint of this beer with much enjoyment of its gooseberry and citrus character, and so should you 8.0% ABV

Houblon Or
A dry hopped Belgian blonde ale that combines distinct fruity esters from the abbey yeast along with zesty hop character from Styrian Goldings. Many thanks to Tim Prendergast of Meridian Pint for all his help with this beer from formulation to sweat on brew day 6.4% ABV

Imperial Stout

YOur lates low Ph offereing, made with 40% wheat for a lighter and crisper taste, with a dash of tartness. 5.0 % ABV

Inglorious Bastart

You don’t have to be a member of the court of Catherine II to enjoy this rich full bodied stout. Black and impenetrable to light, loaded with roasted barley, chocolate, dark fruit and bittersweet notes 9.0 % ABV

Jack the Giant Killer

Far from a fairy tale this English-style barleywine was brewed with 100% Maris Otter barley malt, hopped with East Kent Goldings, boiled for 3 hours, fermented with classic British ale yeast and aged for over half a year. Slay the giant within 10.0% ABV                                                                                  


A Belgian Abbey-style ale that won’t stab you in the back or cost you your hand. Bready malt combine with caramelized sugars, and a zesty Belgian yeast providing lots of fruit and spice character 7.9% ABV

Kiwi Curse

American brown ale hopped with Azacca and Nelson Sauvin. Passion fruits and citrus combine with a subtle roasted malt character to deliver the darker side of pale ale 4.5% ABV


Perfect for the summer heat, our original sour ale, utilizes an anaerobic souring procedure that spanned three days to finish…ludicrous idea right? The end result is a refreshing sour ale that attacks you with the character of white wine and grapefruit juice 6.1% ABV

Malty Mark and the Hoppy Bunch

Come on sniff it / Come on sip it / It’s such a good emanation / It’s such a bitter sensation /
I’ve a got my pint so get yours / I wanna see lupulin comin’ out your pores.
Strictly High Alpha-Hop boy, I ain’t slingin’ this / I’m sippin’ this / Bringing this to Franklin’s nation./ Come on come on/ Sip it sip it/ Taste the sensation “Double IPA” 8.2% ABV

Mama Said Hop You Out

Don’t need a hopback / Been dry hopping for years / Late hopping my beers and putting suckas in fear
Makin the alphas rain down like a MON-soon / Smell the aromas go BOOM / Explosin, overpowerin / Over the competition, I’m towerin / I’m gonna hop you out!!! / Mama Said hop you out!!! “Double IPA” 8.0% ABV

Mandarin Summer

Unfiltered and dry hopped American pale ale is a S.M.A.S.H. (Single-Hop-Single-Malt) beer and “hop bursted” (all hops added in the last 20 minutes of the boil). Using only English Maris Otter pale malt and German grown Mandarina Bavaria hops which showcase a orange-like citrus 4.8% ABV

Me So Hoppy
Oh me so hoppy, oh me so hoppy, oh me so hoppy / You drink me long time (Double I.P.A.) 8.25% ABV

Miami Weiss

A hoppy American wheat beer made with orange blossom honey, orange peel and Citra hops. Light bodied with a crisp hoppiness, citrus zest and a touch of honey in the finish 5.5% ABV

Mic Czech

Made with Pilsner malt and Saaz hops from the Czech Republic, our take on this classic European lager is light golden in color with a dense creamy white head. Lagered for seven weeks it has a nice clean malty backbone with an assertive dose of floral and spicy hop character. Czech it out and see why this style of beer single handedly changed the world of beer as we know it today 5.0% ABV

Milk Stout

A creamy sweet stout brewed with lactose (milk) sugar was once recommended to nursing mothers for its nutritional content. At Franklin’s we view it as our “adult” chocolate milkshake, served via our Nitro tap. 4.0% ABV

Miss Lucifer’s Love

ADirect from Franklin’s Funk Cellar- Extremely Limited! American Wild Ales in 750ml cork & cage bottles. Not for the timid, if you haven’t enjoyed our “ous sour series” on tap, then this probably isn’t for you. This American wild ale uses black currants to add a rich reddish color and tart fruit notes. Aged with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and numerous other microflora. Fruity and funky with a distinct sourness.  5.5% ABV

Moo Cow

A creamy milk stout aged with cacao nibs and vanilla beans. Chocolate roast with subtle hints of vanilla and fruit highlight this silky treat. Contains lactose. 4.8% ABV

Munton Chuck Porter

A robust porter brewed with Munton’s malts along with Pilgrim and Sovereign hops from Charles Faram, both of the UK. Full bodied with an assertive hop character and plenty of rich malt including notes of chocolate and roast to help you bear the load 5.7% ABV

Nelson (Ha Ha!)                                                         
Dry hopped American-style pale ale with New Zealand’s hard to attain Nelson Sauvin hop. Fresh crushed gooseberries and citrus fruit. 5.9% ABV

The Night’s Watch

Night gathers and now your watch begins with robust dark fruit, spice and caramelized sugar aromas. Pledge your life and honor with this Belgian-style dark strong ale to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come. Sip this stark bier and stay warm for Winter is coming! 10.0% ABV

North West Alpha

You are now about to witness the strength of hop knowledge / Straight outta Yakima!
“Double IPA” 8.0% ABV

Oatmeal Stout
A robust English inspired silky smooth stout with notes of dark roasted coffee and chocolate 5.9% ABV

Our version of this classic is light amber in color with a rich toasted malt character and balanced by noble hops 5.6% ABV.

Old Miser
Our winter warmer, an English-style Old Ale is dark brown with a rich maltiness, notes of fruit and molasses. Bah! Humbug! 7.8 % ABV

Once Upon A Train

Loaded to the rails with a full malt body including notes of chocolate and roasted malt, this English porter is brewed with Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops to balance the sturdy load. Hear the train a comin’ 5.8% ABV

Petite Fleur
Light bodied Belgian-style ale brewed with flowers like Chamomile, Elderberry and Heather along with Rose hips. Fruity and floral with a dry finish makes it a great session ale for the warm spring months 5.0% ABV

Private I.P.A.

Our India Pale Ale has an intense hop character provided by Columbus and Amarillo hops in the kettle and then dry hopped 6.5% ABV

Psychedelic Smokehouse

American smoked sour ale made with 100% Mesquite smoked barley malt from Copper Fox Distillery (VA). Medium/light bodied, intense mesquite wood smoke character with a sharp but clean sourness 5.35% ABV

Pumpkin Pie Stout

Enjoy a taste of this season with this nitro stout that blends pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. No whipped cream needed 4.8% ABV


American sour ale made with a unique anaerobic souring technique that spanned three days. Medium bodied, fruity with a sharp but clean sourness and vinous character 6.3% ABV

Rauchroggen Bock
Pronounced like the Scottish “Loch”. This German inspired strong lager is in essence a smoked (rauch) rye (roggen) bock (strong lager). It has a full bodied mouth feel of sweet rye bread with a punch of Beechwood smokiness 7.6% ABV


American sour red ale made with a unique anaerobic souring technique that spanned three days. Medium bodied, fruity with a sharp but clean sourness and vinous character 6.8% ABV

Rubber Chicken Red
This amber ale has a rich toasty malt character, a subtle sweetness and high drinkability 5.0% ABV

Rubber Chicken’s Revenge
Tired of always being held in a stranglehold our Rubber Chicken has spawned the ultimate revenge. This double red ale is packed with enough malt and hops to make his human handler choke. BEWARE THE WRATH OF THE CHICKEN 8.1% ABV                                                                       


Our Belgian-style farmhouse ale with an assertive hop character, fruity, earthy/peppery spiciness and a slight tartness 5.5% ABV

Save our Saucer
An American Pale Ale guided at night by Polaris hops throughout the boil and ruled with Zeus dry hops from above 6.0% ABV

Sierra Madre
Dry hopped American-style pale ale with Cascade, yielding a refreshing citrus/pine aroma and hop flavor 5.5% ABV

Sir Hop-a-Lot

I like big hops and I cannot lie / You other hopheads can’t deny /
If you like ‘em bitter and juicy / Taste this juicy double/Hop-a-Lot’s in trouble / This beer’s got hops!
“Double IPA” 8.0% ABV         

Smoked Porter

A true campfire beer, balancing rich malt, smoke, subtle sweetness and chocolate roast 5.5% ABV


This brown ale is in the style of a classic English dark mild with touches of roasted malt character and subtle sweetness 4.0% ABV


This very special stout combines the flavors of a classic ice cream sundae, from chocolate, vanilla, milk sugar (lactose) and a cherry on top. Easy drinking with roasted notes, this stout is great for dessert or on its own. 4.5% ABV                                                    

Tripel Bliss

Made with yeast from a Trappist monastery in Belgium this Tripel is deep golden in color, blends fruit, spice, sweetness and warmth. One sip from your tulip glass and you’ll know why the monks are silent 9.0% ABV

Twisted Turtle
A Franklin’s favorite, this English inspired pale ale uses rich British malts & English Kent Golding hops. 5.5% ABV


Meaning to be “under hopped”, as to not having enough beer in one’s system (urban will back me up on this). This German inspired double I.P.A. is loaded with noble hops like Hallertau and Tettnang for an old world twist on the 21st century fascination 8.0% ABV                                     

Van Damme

This Belgian-style strong ale has a rich malty sweetness that blends fruit and spice derived from Belgian Trappist monastery yeast. We proudly serve it in a tulip glass, minus the roundhouse kick 10.0% ABV             

Vanilla Bean Stout

This stout is infused with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, the second most expensive spice in the world behind Saffron. It is balanced with roasted malt, slightly sweet with a touch of vanilla in the finish. Nitro tap pour. 4.7% ABV

Witty Twitty

Our Belgian-style wheat ale is unfiltered and hazy with a fluffy white head. Notes of citrus, floral and spice make this a refreshing beer for the warm weather 5.1% ABV