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16oz. $5.00 32oz. $9.99 64oz. $15.99
Jack’s Hard Cider | Clean semi-dry hard apple cider from PA. Hard Cider 5.5% ABV

16oz. $5.00 32oz. $9.99 64oz. $15.99
Bombshell Blonde | Our lightest offering, this blonde ale is brewed with Pilsner malt and lightly hopped. American Blonde Ale—4.5% ABV 15 IBU
Rubber Chicken Red | This amber ale has a rich toasty malt character, a subtle sweetness and high drinkability. American Amber Ale—5.0% ABV 25 IBU

16oz. $5.50 32oz. $10.99 64oz. $17.99
18th Anniversary Lager | Eighteen years of brewing!!! Our take on a Munich Dunkel Lager. Deep reddish brown in color, malty, finishing smooth and easy on the palate. German-style Munich Dunkel Lager—4.5% ABV
Blasphemous | A rich sweet and sour brown ale with notes of sweet malt, dark fruit and oak aged wine. Sour Brown- 6.0% ABV 10 IBU
Hold It High | A cousin to the Belgian Saison, this dry hopped version of Bière de Garde packs a combination of strength with a light and dry body. Bready barley and wheat malts, along with spicy and floral noble hops carry the torch brightly for the fields of Flanders. French Inspired Bière de Mars—6.8% ABV 35 IBU
Paddle Ball Pils | This German-style Pils is tribute to classic flavor and function. A crisp clean lager with Hallertau hop bite that you can enjoy again and again. Paddle Ball sold separately. German-style Pils—4.8% ABV 36 IBU
Passion Ate The Mango | Tart and tropical with notes of mango, passion fruit, and kiwi. Sour with Tropical Fruit—5.0% ABV 10 IBU
Oatmeal Stout (Nitro Pour) | A robust English inspired silky-smooth stout with notes of dark roasted coffee and chocolate. English-style Oatmeal Stout —5.5% ABV 30 IBU
Rye on Red | New to the family, this hoppier amber is rich in spicy rye malt, toasted bread and notes of caramel. Hopped with Soarchi Ace and Falconer’s Flight bring out notes of fresh herbs, pine, and citrus. American Amber Rye Ale—5.6% ABV 35 IBU
Twisted Turtle | A Franklins favorite, this English inspired E.S.B. uses rich British malts & East Kent Golding hops. English-style Extra Special Bitter—5.5% ABV 35 IBU

16oz. $6.00 32oz. $11.99 64oz. $19.99
Hop Zen | Deep Copper with a rich full body, toasted malt character and a touch of caramel overlaid by an assortment of hops. A harmonious balance of hops/malt.
Joy Buzzer | Hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, and Simcoe, this I.P.A. with an English yeast strain yields a variety of citrus, tropical, and stone fruit. American India Pale Ale 6.7% ABV 65 IBU
Private I.P.A. | Our India Pale Ale has an intense hop character provided by Columbus and Amarillo hops in the kettle and then dry hopped. American India Pale Ale —6.5% ABV 65 IBU

16oz. $7.00 32oz. $13.99 64oz. $23.99
Toys in the Belfry | Amber in color, this warming blend of honey, subtlety smoked malt and oak aging make this strong ale anything but childish. Traditional abbey-style yeast and tart finish. Belgian-style Specialty Ale—8.5% ABV 40 IBU
Hop Madness | A double I.P.A. loaded with juicy hop bitterness guaranteed not to bust your bracket. Well maybe next year. Double American India Pale Ale—8.0% ABV 75 IBU

16oz. $8.00 32oz. $16.99 64oz. $27.99
97 Pound Weakling | This Charles Atlas approved American wheat wine (essentially a barley wine with 50% wheat) will turn the weak into the mighty. Its orange color, light malt body, zesty hops and warmth, will have you flexing your beer muscles. American Wheat Wine—10.7% ABV 80 IBU

16oz. $9.00 32oz. $19.99 64oz. $32.99
Night’s Watch | | Night gathers and now your watch begins with dark fruit, spice and caramelized sugar aromas. Pledge your life and honor with this Belgian-style strong dark ale to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come. Sip this stark bier and stay warm for Winter is here!!! Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale—10.3% ABV 35 IBU

16oz. $9.50 32oz. $20.99 64oz. $33.99
Batch 1000 | Our 1000th batch!! An American style barley wine with a dozen malts (including oats & rye), and Orange Blossom honey. Kettle hopped with Amarillo and dry hopped with Glacier. A big American take with lots of bready malt and fruity/spicy hop character with an underlaying alcoholic warmth.