Bombshell Blonde | Our lightest offering, this blonde ale is brewed with Pilsner malt and lightly hopped. American Blonde Ale—4.5% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $3.50/ 16oz $5.50
Rubber Chicken Red | This amber ale has a rich toasty malt character, a subtle sweetness and high drinkability. American Amber Ale—5.0% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $3.50/ 16oz $5.50
Twisted Turtle Pale Ale | A Franklins favorite, this English inspired E.S.B. uses rich British malts & East Kent Golding hops. English-style Extra Special Bitter—5.5% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.00/ 16oz $6.00
Private I.P.A. | Our India Pale Ale has an intense hop character provided by Columbus and Amarillo hops in the kettle and then dry hopped. American India Pale Ale —6.5% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Pumpkin Pie Stout (Nitro Pour) | Enjoy a taste of this season with this nitro stout that blends pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. No whipped cream needed. **Contains lactose. Spiced Stout —5.5% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Cooler In The Shade | American sour ale infused with a combination of honey, stone fruit, citrus, spice, and flowers. Sour Ale—5.0% ABV 4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Calamitous | What if an Imperial Stout could give birth to a sour ale? The answer is Calamitous! Black as oil, full bodied, notes of roasted barley malt balanced by a tart finish. Sour Black Ale—5.1% ABV 4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Tenacious C | American sour ale infused with various citrus fruits imparting a refreshing finish with notes of oranges, grapefruit, and lemons. Sour with Citrus—5.0% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Hi-biscus, Bye-biscus | Sour ale with a with berry-like fruitiness, and a lemony tart character. Sour Ale with hibiscus—5.0% ABV 4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Munich Helles | A light Bavarian-style lager with a firm malt body and crisp finish. German-style Helles Lager—5.2% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.00/ 16oz $6.00
Su-per-Cit-ra-Gal-axy-Dou-ble-I-P-A-De-li-cious | Our new double I.P.A. with a truck load of Citra and Galaxy hops. It’ll make you sing! Double American India Pale Ale—8.0% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $5.00/ 16oz $7.50

Older The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice | American strong sour ale infused with raspberries. Sour Ale with raspberries 10.2% ABV
4oz 2.75/ 10.5oz $7.00
Going Dutch | Blending the best of American, English, Scottish, Belgian, French, and German beer influences into one concise malt and yeast explosion. Let all parties pay their own way, styles be damned. “What-style?” Strong Ale—7.0% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Oktoberfest | Our version of this classic is light amber in color with a rich toasted malt character and balanced by noble hops. German-Style Märzen Lager- 5.5% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Mesa Roja | Inspired by the majestic plateaus in the high deserts of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. An amber colored lager blended with Munich & Vienna malts and spiced with Sorachi Ace and Cascade hops. Great after a long day of hiking or bar stool sitting. American Amber Session Lager —4.0% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $3.50/ 16oz $5.50
Mélange | Colonel Sanders gave the world his secret blend of 11 herbs & spices. We make beer. ‘Nuff said. Blended Sour Ale 6.3% ABV
4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Moamneltra I.P.A. | Hard to say, easier to drink. American I.P.A. using Mosaic, Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin, and Citra hops. Tropical and citrus zest make for a zippy I.P.A..
American India Pale Ale—7.2% ABV 4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Das Roggenbier | Rye (Roggen in German) is the star here, lending its spicy bready quality to this unfiltered gem. Bavarian weizen yeast keeps a very traditional approach with notes of banana and clove. South German-style Roggenbier —5.0% ABV 4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.00/ 16oz $6.00
Jack’s Hard Cider | Clean semi-dry hard apple cider from PA. Hard Cider 5.5% ABV 4oz $2.50/ 8oz $4.25/ 16oz $6.50
Root Beer (Non-Alcoholic) | Made in house with pure cane sugar and a secret blend of roots, herbs & spices. 16oz $2.75 (with ice)
Limited Edition Bottle
Higher Ground | Cork & cage. Bordeaux barrel aged tripel fermented with brettanomyces yeast. Medium body, fruity, spicy and tart. American Wild Ale—10.0% ABV
25.4oz/750ml $16.99
Upcoming Beers
Apriblanc –Hopfoward apricot ale
Batch 1000 –American Strong Ale Highland Hugh –Scotch Ale Oatmeal Stout
Jack The Giant Killer –English-style Barley Wine
Matryoshka –Imperial Stout